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We are based in the Heart of Hammersmith and Fulham London.

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  • Improve your Confidence by looking and feeling your best
  • Eliminate bad breath
  • Make you teeth Look whiter without the need for whitening
  • Improve the health of your gums and keep you teeth for longer
  • Look younger and healthier by improving your oral health

Dental Hygienist treatment is an important way for you to get a fresh smile an protect your gums and teeth from future problems.

Dental Hygiene Service at our Practice is Provided by both Hygienists and Qualified Dentists. We can provided you with the newest polishing techniques, Including Airflow Tooth Polishing

Visit Menu:

Express Clean 59 GPB

A quick basic clean for when you are in a hurry

includes a basic dental check and advice

Hi Shine and Airflow Tooth Polish 77.80 GPB

For when you are concerned about stubborn stains on your teeth this comes recommended. Using ultrasonic scalers superfine polish, and Airflow technique stains come off Painlessly

includes a basic dental check and advice

Classic Clean 65 GPB

Essential for the health of your gums and teeth. Cleaning polishing and descaling of your teeth. Gum assessment and detailed cleaning can be started to give you a fresh breath and brighter, cleaner teeth.

includes a basic dental advice


……… Please call for details 0207 610 0101

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