Airflow tooth Polishing

Effective stain Removal resulting from airflow treatment Airflow Tooth Polishing gives you teeth a amazing shine


A Fresh New Look

If you want your smile to be the best it can possibly be, you need to go for Airflow.

Airflow is a private treatment that results in whiter teeth than you have ever had before and all without the dentist actually touching your teeth!

Sounds unlikely? It works through the combined power of three things air, sodium bicarbonate and a jet of water. To get the best results some prior de-scaling may be required, but Airflow produces great results without any risk of damaging your teeth. We will be able to advise you whether or not you need de-scaling when you pay us a visit.

The results are immediate youll feel and see the difference as soon as the Airflow dental treatment has been completed. Imagine how good it will feel to walk out into the world knowing that your teeth have never looked better.

No more stains

Tea and coffee drinkers will know the effects that their choice of beverage has on their smile. Teeth that used to be white end up looking brown. Smokers will experience a similar result.

But with Airflow one treatment can get rid of all the plaque and discoloration that those habits have left behind. And youll feel no pain either a fresh clean feel and a great taste of lemon are the only two after effects. And a great smile of course.

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77.80 with Scaling (tarter removal) of your teeth in this visit

(Teeth often need to have tarter removed before being polished)

Please note in certain cases additional fees may apply if further scaling is needed. This will be discussed with you.