Scale and Polish | Simple Scale and Polish 59

Scaling is the removal of calcified deposits from your teeth this material is called “Tarter or Calculus” it is very difficult to remove this your self and as it starts to form and attracts futher build-up if left.

Leaving it can lead to

  • Bleeding of the gums
  • Staining of the teeth which is hard to remove
  • loss off gum attachment meaning your teeth further exposed and sensitive
  • Loosening of the teeth as time goes on as the gum and bone support is lost

A simple scale costs 49 that’s if you need small deposits removed The appointment lasts about 15 minutes and includes a quick gum and dental check please quote “simple clean 001″ in your appointment booking

Of course if you have not had this treatment done for a long time or have lots of tarter a more detailed clean will be needed and we will provide you with a treatment plan and cost breakdown